Managing Director’s Message


Managing Director - Datuk Lau Nai Hoh

Dear Friends,

On the basis of shipbuilding technology accumulated and reliability acquired during the last decade, we make every effort to develop diversified and economical types of quality products.

Ours is a journey that transcends the narrow confines of shipbuilding and marine repair engineering. Rather, it is an enriching experience of nation building. By bridging distances and bringing the nation closer, we help create a global connect. With a passion for excellence, we at TAS aim at providing our customers the very best of – Quality, Price and Delivery.

At TAS, we believe in creating long-term shareholder value through an ongoing process of value addition and innovation. We believe in building, sustaining and strengthening relationships with all our stakeholders by adhering to the best corporate practices.

As we traverse across uncharted waters, we explore the vast ocean of opportunities that lie before us. Welcome to this fascinating voyage. It’s wonderful to have you on board as we build ships that ship the world.

Yours truly,