Infrastructures & Facilities


The shipyard has its own full-fledged design department.

We have introduced Ship Construct provides leading-edge software solutions for two broad categories of marine industries: the vessel design and construction industry.

Software for the Vessel Design and Construction Industry
Our full line of marine CAD/CAM software assists our engineers and technicians in the design and construction of vessels to large ships. Our engineers use our flagship CAD/CAM product, called Ship Construct, to prepare in house shop floor drawing.

With these products, Ship Construct Systems offers a complete and integrated software solution for the shipyard. By saving on design and engineering time, the time required for communications and data exchange, and by reducing material wastage, our solution can increase productivity by between 40 and 50 percent.

The projects have covered so far a wide range comprising Landing Craft, Multi Purpose Towing Tugs,  Oil & Gas Offshore Vessels, Self Propelled Barges, other small and medium size crafts, General Engineering Structures, and several other jobs for indigenous as well as for exports purposes.


Steel Work
Cutting of plates is done by using CNC Plasma Cutter & manual and semi automatic gas cutting sets. Plate Rolling Machines and Hydraulic presses are used for forming plates. Structural sections are cut and formed with the aid of hydraulic press.

Ship Construction Area
Two building berths are available at present for construction at Sibu. A 150 T Crawler Crane serves the entire construction area. Other cranes are available for handling various jobs.

Outfitting is carried out partly on the building berths and completed in the Slipway. The slipway can accommodate about two 30m tugs simultaneously.

Pipe work
Pipe work is carried out in the Pipe shop. For series constructions, the engine room is modeled on 1:10 scale and individual pipe sketches are made. Depending on their size, pipes are bent hot or cold. Hydraulic Pipe Bending machines are used for all cold bending.

A machine shop equipped with suitable machines (lathes, shapers, radial drilling machine etc.) is available at the yard for engineering /outfit work. The shipyard has its own facilities for boring the stern bosses etc for the conventional type of stern gear. For the highly maneuverable tugs (stern or tractor type) the shipyard has its own flange-facing machine.

Wood work
Necessary facilities are available at the yard for wood work to meet current requirements.

Electrical work including all wiring of vessels and fitting on board of bought out equipment’s are done at the shipyard itself.

Rigging is carried out in house with handwork for both cordage and wire.

Sheet Metal
Sheet Metal work is also carried out in the yard.